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I am the Pastor of Ministries at LifePoint Church in Reisterstown, MD.  I’ve been here for a little over four years.  It has been the time of my life.  I am the husband of Louise, the father of Erin, Eric, Mandy & Sarah and the grandfather of David, Aubrey & Ian.  

I have a Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) from Indiana University with at dual major in Educational Leadership and Curriculum & Instruction.  I enjoy teaching in colleges and seminaries around the world as well as serving in my local church.  Being the Pastor of Ministries at LifePoint has been one of the high points of my life.  I am blest to be working with the best pastoral leadership team on the planet.

I enjoy studying how churches grow and what makes them effective in their communities.  

I love reading about transformational leadership, management and World War II.  I travel now and then to Ukraine to teach in seminaries and Bible colleges there.  I love the Ukrainian people and their culture.


10 responses to “Dave’s Profile

  1. Dave, Thanks for your thoughts on waiting to hear the Lord and be obedient and just show up! Needed those words today. You are GREAT!

  2. Hi Dave, thanks for your answer. I hope to help the Lifepoint Church in Brazil in the near future. God Bless you, let’s keep in touch.

    In Jesus

    Sidney Pinheiro

    • Hey Jeremy,

      Yes we are having a GREAT time here in MD. How long have you been in Alexandria? How are things going for you?



  3. Hey, Dave!
    Here’s a flash from the past. One of our great regrets in life is that Cindy and I lost touch with you and Louise after we finished our training in Chicago and moved to Florida. Seems so long ago, and yet your friendship and the way you opened your home and your family to share with us was extraordinary!
    We stayed 6 years in Florida (I worked in farmworker clinics) and now we’ve been in Atlanta for the past 18 years, where I teach at Morehouse School of Medicine. Cindy had a private practice in Florida, then taught at Emory for 10 years, and then stayed home to help raise our nephew.
    We have two kids in college now, and a 19 year old nephew still with us — where did the time go?
    Hope all is well with you and Louise and the kids.
    george & cindy
    (grust@msm.edu and cjtrust@gmail.com)

  4. Hi Dave,
    Good to talk with you yesterday at the Legacy picnic. Indeed it is a small world! Would love some more info on the small group you attend on Stone Rd. as it seems to be near our home.

    Brian Davidhizar

  5. Thanks for the visit and for following my blog, Dave. Hoping to get back to Telunas for the xth time again next year. The crew out there are becoming a bit like family and the place is like our own holiday home now.

    All the best, to Eric and family too. Cheers, Richard

    • You’ve been to Telunas more than we have. We need to think about a time we can get back there. What a relaxing energizing place.
      Looking forward to reading your blog on a more regular basis.

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