Furnace Hills Coffee Shop:

When we reach 400 pounds of roasting/selling each week we’re going to move our coffee roasters to the back and build out a coffee bar in front. We are less than 100/week away from that milestone. Here’s what we think our shop will look like:

Furnace Hills Coffee Shop

Furnace Hills Coffee Shop

So what do you think? Is it a place you would visit? Besides our famous Furnace Hills Coffees, what else should we offer? Should we be a Third Wave shop and forego all the expensive brewing equipment and do pour overs? What should our hours be? Should we be open on Sunday?

Although the coffee shop in the picture is in London I think we’ll be able to copy most of what they have done inside as well.

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4 responses to “Furnace Hills Coffee Shop:

    • If you hang out there I’ll have to join you Jim! We miss you here in Westminster. Can’t wait to see you guys and catch-up on what has been happening with you all.

  1. Love the look ..have a small area for children to sip tea and play….stay closed on Sunday have your rest day……and that looks so pretty…..and one parking space out front for quick grab a cup o coffee…Furnace Hills Coffee I love your success you employ amazing people and always kind.

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