Sonofresco Our Work Horse:

I shared with you all a couple of posts ago how we grew in roasting coffee. What has grown with us is our use of Sonofresco Roasters. There are four reasons why we use Sonofrescos.

  1. We needed something simple.Erin isn’t going to be able to watch a roast in a conventional drum roaster and know when to dump the beans with precision every time. Sonofresco has ten settings and provides a consistent roast at those settings from light to

    Erin with the Sonofresco

    dark. Some of our roasts we stop in the middle of one of the setting cycles, but that’s fine. We have a timer & when it goes off, Erin turns the gas off. This has worked so well when we needed to expand our capacity we just ordered another machine.

  2. We needed something affordable. Among roasters of this type and size Sonofresco is the most affordable. These are gas fired machines that work well. Other machines that roast the same amount of coffee you’d pay twice as much in some cases.
  3. Fluid Bed Roasters produce a brighter tasting coffee. We learned this from our experience at CoffeeCon12. Many people said our coffee was the brightest smoothest there. We were the only fluid bed roasting company at the Expo. It was something that was a epiphany to us. It’s something we’ve shared with people ever since our time in Chicago last February.
  4. Reliable and Easily repairable. The machine is very simple and basic with few moving parts. We’ve only had two issues. A heat sensor failed and so did a fan. The fan was under warranty and it was shipped to us within days. The heat sensor was not, but it was affordable and came quickly. My wife (Louise) stated that this must be a God thing — talking about our coffee business — because I was able to personally swap out both parts. If you knew my proclivity to not be a fixer/repair guy you would call it close to being a miracle.

    So there you have it. We love our Sonofrescos. Erin can operate them from start to finish & also cleans them. It’s the perfect machine for Furnace Hills Coffee Company.Go to our website ( and check out that fantastic coffees Erin roasts. What’s your favorite blend/roast of Furnace Hills Coffee?


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