Greatest Customers In The World:

Furnace Hills Coffee Company has the greatest customers in the world. That’s our opinion anyway! How did we come about having such great customers. Well it happened in a couple of ways. I’ve listed them below. Which category do you fit in?

  • Friends & Family: When we started the business in spring of 2010 all we had was family & friends. And you stuck with us through thick & thin. You encouraged us and cheered us on and kept buying our coffee. Do you remember the way we sent it out in the beginning? You received it in zip lock baggies! You gave us feedback and encouragement.
  • Westminster Farmers’ Market: Wow what can we say! You have all been tremendous. I think we share a lot of common values. We want to be local in our consumption of goods & services. We want to be environmentally friendly (Green). And we want to build a network of friendships that are strong & good. Lots of you have encouraged us and given us great ideas and feedback. Some of you we didn’t know two years ago and now consider you to be dear friends. In fact we have found some corporate accounts through those that stop by the Market. The most recent is the Ragged Edge Coffee House in Gettysburg, PA! Jacob Schindel is the owner and a great guy. If you are in Gettysburg stop by one of their three coffee locations!
  • Twitter & Facebook Friends: Once again what can we say! Many of you we have met through Facebook & Twitter! In fact Jim Kales has been the inspiration for this whole endeavor & I’ve never met you in person Jim! What an awesome time in history we live in.
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    Others of you have given us encouragement & guidance along the way. I don’t know where I met up with Chris Burke from Morning Glory Coffee in West Yellowstone, MT, but he and his wife Laura have been HUGE fans of Furnace Hills Coffee Company. We tweet & facebook with one another.

  • Internet Customers: A number of you found us through our website! Thank you for taking a chance on us and for it being a great relationship. Some of these may turn into working relationships as well. Many of you we have never met, yet you keep ordering our coffee on a regular basis. We thank you so much.

Well that’s it! We have awesome customers (partners) in this grand endeavor called Furnace Hills Coffee Company. Have I missed a group? Post a comment as to what group you fall into or make a new group!

That’s this Roaster’s View



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