Real Men Teach Children:

I have been attending Willow Creek Global Leadership Summits for 15 years now. One of the speakers at the Summit one year was Mike Singletary. Mike played football for the Chicago Bears. In fact Mike is a Hall of Fame linebacker. He was drafted by the Bears in 1981 and was part of The Monsters of the Midway. He also has the nickname Iron Mike.

However on that day he was introduced by Bill Hybels to talk about personal leadership the fact that Bill shared with us was that Mike taught children at Willow Creek Community Church on the weekends. He was a faithful volunteer in one of their children’s departments. He loves spending time with young children sharing with them about the person of Jesus Christ.

Mike is a real man! He’s proven that on and off the playing field. At LifePoint Church I see real men teaching children every weekend. I see Adam & Barry, Mike & Kevin, Rick & Justin and others working week after week with our children sharing the love of Jesus with those fortunate children that attend our weekend programming.

Real me lead by serving children in weekend programming at many churches around the world each week. This last sentence doesn’t mean that’s the only place they serve, but one of them. Are you a real man or real woman for that matter? Don’t rule out serving children by leading and teaching them in your weekend programming.

So what do you think? Is there a place for real men serving our children in our weekend programs in our churches each week? Let me know your thoughts.


2 responses to “Real Men Teach Children:

  1. Your brother is a SS Teacher to 6th graders. Jon is the one. At one time Paul taught Jr.Highers . Your nephew , David teaches 4th graders in the public school. Real men do teach children. Praise God.

    • All those guys are real men! You’re so right. Just think how fortunate those kiddos are to have these guys in their lives.

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