Taking Care of Jesus:

When you attend your weekend worship gatherings at your church where are you most likely to encounter Jesus? Does he always show up on the platform? Many times he does, but always? I’m not sure.

How bout in your adult studies. Does Jesus always show up there? Many times, but always?

Well if Mark 9:37 is true ( “Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me, and whoever receives me, receives not me but him who sent me.” ) Jesus shows up every weekend in our nurseries and children’s programs of our church. This past Sunday I had the high and solemn privilege of taking care of Jesus. I worked in our Caterpillar Department. These are basically children that are in the 18 to 24 month old range. Jesus came to us in the persons of Jacob & Daniel, of Nora and Lyla. It was an awesome experience. Jackie, Theresa & Alisa were awesome care takers to these little ones. There were four of us and nine of them. It was an awesome time. Every child has a different personality and character. They were funny & interesting. They each had their own things they enjoyed doing for the 75 minutes that they were in our care.


I left at the end of the morning thanking God for giving me an opportunity to welcome and care for his Son, Jesus. It has been a lingering pleasant memory these last three days. And the three adults who serve there every week were full of love and compassion for these little ones. 

If you want to encounter Jesus for real this weekend ask your nursery director for an opportunity to serve in your nursery toddler area. It’s an experience that will change you life and impact your leadership style for good.

Take me up on that challenge. Volunteer for a Sunday in the nursery/toddler area of your church. Report back and tell us about your experience.



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