A Snapshot of the American Male:

Hi Guys,

As I have said before I am starting to be a sub-blog for Frugal Dad (http://frugaldad.com/average-man/). He posted something today that relates directly to A Leader’s View. Our leadership can be determined by what shape we are in. Bad shape challenged leadership, good shape unleashed leadership.

After browsing through the graphic below you may want to ask yourself the following quesitons:

  • Where am I in good shape financially & physically?
  • What areas of my life do I need to work on to get into shape?
  • What aspects of my leadership are depending on getting into shape?
Average Man Infographic


4 responses to “A Snapshot of the American Male:

    • Yes, I agree Dan. I too have some catching up to do. I should have noted that this was as much for me as for everyone else.

      Thank you for your comment



    • So Eddie are you average? I think I’m below average. Things I definetely need to work on.
      Have a GREAT day!


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