Sunday Evening Reflections:

What a great fall weekend. Hope you had a good one too!


  • Friday evening was a good time with our Community Group. We are working through A Harmony of the Four Gospels, Orville E. Daniel. What a good time of sharing insights from our studies together. My goal is to take chunks that people can work on in fifteen minutes a day.
  • Saturday morning was a good time at the Westminster Farmers’ Market. We sold 32 pounds of Furnace Hills Coffee. Always have good times sharing with those that stop by our stand.
  • Saturday afternoon we had another infant dedication at LifePoint Church. This has been our third time of doing it a different way. Parents are given home work to do and then share that with friends and family seated around tables. We take a good time challenging them and praying for the parents and children. Many wet eyes in the room.
  • I served in Jr. Quest Saturday evening. These kindergarteners & first graders were awesome. I loved spending time with them and the other adults that worked with these kiddos. Our lesson was the famous section where Moses was put into the Nile River by his Mom & sister. Amy told the story to the large group and did an awesome job. I was thinking that I wish I had someone like her telling that story to me when I was that young.
  • We started a four-part series from 1 Corinthians 13 this weekend. Joe did a great job unpacking 1 Corinthians 13:1-3. Next week we put this love into practice as we do Risk Love. No church services. We will be the church in the world by going out and sharing God’s love in our region.
  • On a downer the NY Giants lost this weekend. Another reminder that life is not football or soccer. Newcastle did not play this weekend.
What was your weekend like? Where did you experience God’s love and presence in your life?

2 responses to “Sunday Evening Reflections:

  1. Well everyone . . . . I spent most of this absolutely gorgeous weekend indoors. This is the world or Retail Furniture and certainly I have become accustomed to this over the years. However, I work in Gettysburg and and I must say our customers were incredibly lighthearted and happy. Many had been to the Apple Harvest Festival and and were just out and about enjoying the warmth and the sunshine!

    On another note, one of my customers had the striking resemblance of Abe Lincoln. No kidding! If I didn’t know better, I would have thought that I was talking to Honest Abe himself. Come to find out, he does quite a bit in Gettysburg, including reading the Gettysburg Address etc. It was so much fun to work with him. I couldn’t stop chuckling inside.

    I attended a 7 am sunrise bible study on Sat. morning with primarily student athletes and a few moms. I experienced a very powerful God / Kevin moment which I am still carrying with me at this very moment. It was an amazing way to start my day . . . . . And . . . . . .

    We had quite a few of our family members attend the 9 am service at LIfePoint. To hear the beautiful words “God loves you completely and perfectly” are words that will hopefully resonate deeply within our hearts and souls. I hope it does for you.

    • Wow Jenny, what a great weekend! I was so moved by Joe’s words to us at the end of the sermon. We were in the Video Cafe and I’m so glad he included us too!
      Thank you for reading my musings for the weekend. I hope others respond the way you have. Have a GREAT week.

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