Family to Family:

I have blogged about our coffee business in the past. Today’s post is something that Chris Sullivan help me put on the web. Thought you would like to read it. It gives you an idea of one of the things we are trying to do in our business. By the way Erin just loves roasting coffee. She has a great time roasting with Lia Moore. Lia just created a new blend for us. She calls it The Triple Threat. I’m drinking it now and it is great. Come visit us any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday at 71 West Main Street in Westminster, MD.
Family to Family
Furnace Hills Coffee Company is dedicated to buying our coffee from importers that purchase their beans directly from the farmer. That is one of our core values. We want the farmer to get the best price possible for their crop. Recently we have been purchasing coffees from individuals that represent their families here in the USA. This has been a lot of fun and exciting to know what farms our coffee is coming from. The families we are getting to know personally are the Vasquez family from Hondouras. You can visit them at They live in Minneapolis and very soon we will be selling their Hondouran coffee on our website and at our roastery.
We also work with Samuel Demisse. He is the CEO of Keffa Coffee Company ( Samuel’s family lives in Ethiopia and he represents his father’s farms here in the United States. He lives close to us so we have developed an excellent relationship. His beans come into the country through the Port of Baltimore, so it’s been very convenient picking up our bags of Harrar and Yirgacheffe. Finally we work with the Valverde family. They have farms in Latin America. Nelson is a great guy and enjoys sharing his expertise in the coffee business when we call. His offices are in the Boston area. We bought our first “real” coffee roaster from him. He and his brother Jorge own Invalsa Coffee Company (
Developing relationships with these three families has broadened our horizons and understanding of what it takes to grow coffee. When a person comes to our stand at the Westminster Farmers’ Market we can truly say that the coffee we are serving them is tree to cup. We know what trees these coffees came from and they are now in your cup.
We are looking for family partners in Southeast Asia so if you know of any we are willing and eager to talk with them about their business and families. Our goal is that we will someday be working exlusively with families that own the farms. Visit us at

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