Sunday Evening Reflections:

Greetings All! Hope you had a great Father’s Day weekend. Mine was awesome!


  • Saturday morning we went to our favourite spot this time of year. The Westminster Farmers’ Market! We sold 27 pounds of coffee in 4 hours. Erin loves going to the market. She is building friendships and just loves hanging out and having a great time with people who are becoming her friends. She is a trooper when helping set up our stand. She has that process down.
  • We attended church Saturday evening. We are presently in a series titled “Sticky Points.” More about that below. Erin attended three worship gatherings this weekend at LifePoint and then attended her HUGS class as well. On the way home on Saturday evening she was able to share what the sermon was about. Way to go Erin!
  • Louise spent this weekend with her three sisters. The four of them were in Deep Creek, MD. From the sounds of it they had a great time. Lou returns on Monday afternoon. She is the youngest of the four with the oldest being twelve years older than her. One lives in Maine, another in Philadelphia and the third in Indianapolis, IN.
  • The weekend gatherings at LifePoint were great. Joe’s sermon this weekend had to do with how men should be treating their wives and families. It was outstanding. Lots to digest from his talk. The worship music was awesome again. We have a special church family that’s for sure.
  • Sunday afternoon a bunch of us got together at the Green Turtle in Westminster, MD for lunch. It was just fun to hang out and celebrate Father’s Day. Erin gave me Louise’s card on the way into church and her card at lunch . What fun!
  • On this Father’s Day I had an opportunity to speak with all my children and most of my grand children. I am truly blessed and just love our family. I don’t know what I would do otherwise. We have a special family. Thank you God!
Looking forward to a great week. Hope you have one too!

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