Sunday Evening Reflections:

It has been a while since I have posted something. What a busy time in the life of the Baldwins!

  • Friday evening was a good time with our community group. We met for dinner and just hanging out. As we prayed at dinner time and I looked around the room I stated that we had the best community group at LifePoint Church. Hopefully all community group leaders can make that statement.
  • Saturday mornings are now full of Farmers’ Markets. We had a good time at the Westminster Farmers’ Market this past Saturday. We sold 28 pounds of coffee, 35 cups of coffee and 1 t-shirt. We also talked to scores of people. What fun!
  • Saturday evening at LifePoint we had a Focus. This is for new people to our church. We help bring things that may be a bit fuzzy into focus for them. Over half the people in Saturday evening’s Focus have been coming less than two months. We did it Sunday morning as well. Adam Workman and Jodie Zorbaugh team with me in doing this.
  • Our first summer series sermon was preached this weekend by Joe Duke. Our series is entitled “Sticky Points.” We are looking at controversial topics through the lens of Scripture. This first sermon was on Hell! Joe did an awesome job unpacking this difficult topic. If you weren’t there to hear it, make sure you go to and listen to it.
  • After church on Sunday we had a HUGS Family Fun event. Our HUGS Director Sandy McCann did an awesome job putting this event together. HUGS is our ministry for/to developmentally disabled attendees and their families. There had to have been 150 people in attendance. What fun we had. Our daughter Erin was in her element that’s for sure!
Hope you had a great weekend as well. Hope to be more active this week in posting thoughts and views.

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