The Whisper of God:

I love when God whispers in your ear while you are talking to someone. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend about how long and obstacle strewn the process was for me earning a doctorate in education at Indiana University. And yet I learned a lot and finally made it through. As I was speaking God just whispered in my ear that it was going to be the same story with our Furnace Hills Roastery we are building out in downtown Westminster, MD. And there was the small quiet voice reassuring me that we would some day be in the roastery and be able to tell some of these same stories of His goodness and will in getting us in.

Believe it or not it was a defining moment that settled my spirit and gave me hope that we would sooner or later have a functioning productive roastery in downtown Westminster. And it looks like this next Wednesday will be that day. Now knowing how things go and what God whispered in my ear that day, we still may have obstacles to overcome and more time to wait. But I do have hope we will be roasting coffee in our store front some time soon.

Roastery in Progress

That’s this leader’s view



Have you ever had that kind of experience where you knew for sure God was whispering in your ear and that whisper gave you hope? 


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