Great Location:

I really haven’t commented on the picture at the top of the blog. This is going to be the new location for Furnace Hills Coffee Company. Hopefully we’ll be roasting coffee in this place come May 16th. That’s our new target date now. Our first target was March 1st, so not too far off when you think of spending years in this location roasting great coffee.

Our by line has become, “Special Coffee Roasted by Special People.” That continues to be our mission. We are excited about how Erin loves to roast coffee. Last week on a Tuesday — a day when our other roaster Lia is not here — Erin stated, “I must roast coffee today!” She spent that day roasting our South American De-Caf and Bolivian Superior coffees. Last week she stood in the middle of the roastery and said, “I like this place.” God has done a miracle in Erin’s life and ours as well as we think of how productive and happy she is these days.

This new location is a continuation of the dream God has given us not only for Erin, but others who are developmentally disabled.  We continue to support ministry partners in Ukraine who are working with developmentally disabled orphaned boys as well as community development in Southeast Asia. We want to get our production to a point where we can hire more developmentally disabled people in our roastery.

The Farmers’ Market season begins soon, so be looking for us at the Westminster Farmers’ Market. We’ve been invited to a couple other ones and we are figuring out how we can take those on as well.

Please check us out at We’ll keep you up-to-date as to how the build out of our roastery goes. This is a great location because it’s right in down town Westminster, MD amid the hustle and bustle of this little town. Many are excited to see us coming to Main Street. We’ll let you know when we open so you can stop by for a tour. We are at 71 West Main Street.

Well that’s this leader’s view.




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