Sunday Evening Reflections:

What an awesome Easter Weekend for the Baldwin’s and many others I’m sure:


  • Our Community Group time was great on Friday evening! We discussed the last in our parable series at LifePoint. A lot of good points made by many. We studied the parable of the seeds & soils. Even if we find ourselves in Rocky or Thorny soil there is a way to grow in Christ and become firmly planted in the good soil.
  • Saturday morning and afternoon we spent time painting at our new Furnace Hills Roastery location on Main Street in Westminster (71 West Main Street). The picture at the top of the blog is one taken at dusk outside the front door of the roastery. Please do be in prayer with us regarding a couple of pending accounts that would give us steady business.
  • Saturday evening and Sunday morning were just remarkable at LifePoint Church. Our largest attendance hour for the entire weekend was the 4:30 pm service on Saturday. The worship service was amazing and the last song was surrealistic. I thought of our last song as being in heaven standing and worshiping the God of the universe. I thought of where I was in the room. I was way in the back, but I was in the room. I thought of our heavenly position around the throne. Just being there is going to be awesome for me! The picture below was taken during that last song.
  • Lots of conversations with new people who attended LifePoint for the first time. Another affirmation of just talking with people to become networked!

Easter Weekend at LifePoint Church

My prayer is that you had a great Easter weekend and are enjoying the fellowship of the risen Christ.
Well that’s this leader’s view.

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