Sunday Evening Reflections:

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. As I reflect on my weekend I can say it was a great time with family, friends and LifePoint Church ministry activities.


  • Per an earlier post I did share about how well Encounter went on Friday evening. Still thinking and thanking God for the wonderful group of young adults we have at LifePoint. I believe that our young adult ministry (The Link) has great momentum now and is doing a great job of reaching and enfolding others into the ministry of LifePoint Church.
  • While I was at LifePoint Church on Friday evening our community group was still meeting. Joey led our group. Thank you Joey for leading in a great way (reports I heard from the group). We do have a special group of people who meet on Friday evenings and are sharing life together.
  • The Furnace Hills Coffee Roastery continues to take shape. In fact we moved our kitchen table to the roastery last week so on Saturday we bought a new kitchen table for our town home. On Friday Erin stood in the middle of our store front in Westminster, MD and sighed and then said, “I like this place.” We are excited about the possibilities for growth and service this new location gives Furnace Hills Coffee. This truly is a God thing!
  • Since moving to Maryland Erin has gained so many new friends. One is Cathy Ford. Cathy is a single adult in her early 30’s. Well about four months ago Cathy moved to North Carolina. Well this weekend she was up for a visit so we spent a couple of hours with her on Saturday. Cathy is a bartender in NC and is making a way for herself there. She also has two dogs of which Erin just loves! So we had a great time with Cathy & her family Saturday afternoon!
  • Saturday and Sunday worship gatherings at LifePoint were just awesome. Joe Duke’s last sermon in the parables series was about the parable of the sower & the soils. You have to listen to the sermon if you haven’t already. What an insightful teaching time into this important topic of belief in Christ. We also celebrated communion. That was a special time as well.
  • Sunday afternoon we had dinner with Sergei & Larisa. Larisa is returning to Russia on Wednesday. She will be missed by many at LifePoint Church. We ate at an awesome Uzebeck restaurant in Pikesville. We ate too much that’s for sure!

I don’t know about you, but this coming week is filled with meaning and thought-provoking times as we remember the great sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for humanity. And the hope of our resurrection because of His! Looking forward to a GREAT celebration this coming weekend!

Have a great week. Stay tuned to more posts in the area of leadership here at A Leader’s View.
Many Blessings,

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