Life at LifePoint Church:

LifePoint Church ( is one of the most leadership strategic church I’ve ever been a part of. Does that make sense? It’s not that our life at LifePoint is focused on leadership, but that the leaders at LifePoint make life here meaningful and significant.

The leadership at LifePoint owns our mission of Influencing People to Find & Follow Jesus. As a result they have crafted a process — in partnership with the Holy Spirit to develop Christ-like Influencers. The process of disciple making at LifePoint is purposeful and simple. It’s the following:

  • Gather
  • Grow
  • Serve
  • Personal Spiritual Disciplines

If you fully engage in our weekend Gatherings, participate in a small group (Grow) are involved in Serving and daily practice Personal Spiritual Disciplines (Bible reading, prayer, etc.) you will become a Christ-like Influencer.

Our ministry revolves around this process of discipleship. It’s not a bunch of programs, it’s a process. Our culture at LifePoint our Life is one of a process of discipleship. Our leadership is focused on making this a reality in the life of LifePoint Church.

Our leaders also have a set of core values that marks everything we do. It spells the word CARE. The letters stand for the following:

  • Creative
  • Authentic
  • Relevant
  • Excellence

Everything we do is marked by these core values. What a difference this makes in the life of our church! I have another passion in life besides the ministry of LifePoint Church. It’s roasting coffee. In fact we started a company for our daughter, Erin, who is developmentally disabled that roasts coffee. We hired three craftsmen from LifePoint to help us build out our roastery. And guess what. Everyone in the community has remarked how excellent and creative their work is. I know why it’s that way. CARE has rubbed off on them as well.

Our family is so privileged to be a part of such an awesome Kingdom movement like LifePoint Church. Thought you’d like to see what’s behind the life of LifePoint Church.

What is your discipleship plan? If you are a pastor or leader in a church, does your church have a plan? How’s that plan going? Are you leaders fully engaged in that plan?

Well that’s this Leader’s View.




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