Your Ideal Week:

Much has been written about ideal weeks. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about it but people smarter and more productive than me have put a lot of time into this concept. Michael Hyatt in a blog post this past week has been the latest thing I’ve read on an ideal week. You can read that blog post at His is pretty detailed and complete.

Mike Auzenne and Mark Horstman of discuss an ideal week in one of their podcasts. You can sign-up for their podcasts on iTunes. You can also spend time at their website Their idea week is a bit more general than Hyatt’s. I’ve learned a lot from both formats and am working on Hyatt’s design presently. They have a two part podcast on the this topic; “The Basics of Calendar Management.” It’s worth the listen for sure. I think once you listen to some of their stuff you’ll be hooked. I consider Mike & Mark to be the best authorities in management today!

What would you make you include in your ideal week? Both of these resources have great insights as to planning an ideal week. Both state it will make you more productive if you do so. And I believe them. So taking from both resources here are some ingredients to an ideal week I am making sure are in mine:

  • Daily Quiet Times
  • Time for physical exercise
  • Standing one-on-one’s with people I supervise
  • Weekly networking lunch
  • Special time each week just Louise & me
  • Time for strategic initiative work
  • Daily & weekly planning

What are the things you would put in your ideal week? What are nonnegotiable? What are activities you would say aren’t as crucial?

Well that’s this leader’s view.




2 responses to “Your Ideal Week:

  1. I’m glad you included time with mom. 🙂 As an MFT student, I think that’s the best thing on your ideal week (other than spending time with God.)

    • Hey thank you Mandy! If you were in town, I’d carve out time with you too! Can’t wait to see you later this month.

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