A Compelling Vision:

Yesterday in my class at Kiev Theological Seminary (KTS) we heard the vision of Alexi. This young man lives in a valley in the Crimea. The valley has 9,000 adults that live there. One half of them (4,500 adults) are alcoholics and drug addicts. Children are growing up without their parents. Many children are sick and left un-attended. Many adults die at very young ages because of their addictions.

Alexi has a vision of starting a church there for those who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. He wants to start ministries for their children as well. His long-term vision is to see this first church to be the beginning of a church planting movement that will spread across Eastern Europe. Drug addiction and alcoholism is a huge issue in Ukraine and other countries in this part of the world. His vision is to reach those people through the outreach of the local church.

I asked him how he saw this planting movement being spread throughout Eastern Europe. He answered that question with a confidence that was compelling. He said that those addicts that come to Christ in this first church will be the ones he will send out as missionaries to start more churches. Alexi has a God-given vision and is confident of his calling to that ministry. In talking about this with my host & hostess, Steve & Nancy Wooden, they stated that many churches here are made up of former drug and alcohol addicts.

Alexi is just one of the students in my class at KTS. Each one of them has a compelling vision God has given them for ministry. It truly is a privilege to be here in Kiev working with these special servants of God.

That’s this leader’s view!




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