Ukraine’s Fast Facts:

Thought you all may want to read some fast facts re: Ukraine. Most of these are based on data from the Operation World and Joshua Project’s  websites ( ( Some are my factiods from the early days in Ukraine.

  • In 1992 there were 360,000 Evangelicals in Ukraine. Today there are 1,737,000 people. That’s a 22% growth rate per year since 1992. Perhaps the fastest growing church in the world.
  • In a three month period in 2008 forty-eight Baptist Churches alone were planted.
  • There are 97 people groups in Ukraine. Thirty nine of these groups are unreached.
  • The largest unreached people group in Ukraine are the Tatars of Crimea. These people are a Muslim people group.
  • Ukraine ranks 85th out of 182 countries on the United Nations Human Development scale. Still a ways to go.

Well just s snapshot of what is going on in Ukraine. Still much more work to do.

That’s this leader’s view.




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