What’s In A Name?

Yesterday was our first class session in my teaching time at Kiev Theological Seminary (KTS). After reviewing changes in the syllabus each of the students share a bit about their ministries and families. KTS has a number of students that are not full-time pastors/directors in the local churches. That is the case with my class. Only one person is a full-time pastor. The rest hold down full-time jobs in the market place. Yet they want to be the best that they can be in their roles of ministry in their local church.

I was impressed by the names of their churches as they shared with the class. Here’s a partial list of the churches that these students come from:

  • Transformation Church
  • Safe Harbor Church
  • Celebration Church
  • Source of Life Church
  • Spiritual Regeneration Church
  • Hope for the World Church

I get the sense that there is an intense desire to communicate the good news of the Gospel even through the names of their churches. They were all proud of the names and shared what was going on in their churches and individual ministries.

One young man is planting a church in the Crimea. His vision is to see a church planting movement sparked by the planting of his church that will spread throughout Eastern Europe. Another man goes to a village each week where a group of people wait for him to teach them God’s Word and encourage them through relationships. His vision is that these few people will some day become a church. He’s a Deacon in his church and challenges others to go with him.

Have you thought about what your church’s name is? Does it match the vision your leadership has for your church? Let me know what you think.

That’s this leader’s view!




2 responses to “What’s In A Name?

  1. You know I had never given it much thought until I read your note above. I do know that it is a place for myself and my family to grow in Christ. And we are growing and learning. The best part is there are so many people there who seek the same and that makes it a wonderful Church family.

  2. I think we could throw LifePoint’s name in with those above. Our Life in Christ is the Point isn’t it? And it results in a HUGE extended family! I love it. Thanks so much for your comments Carol.

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