Sunday Evening Reflections:

I’m writing this post from Kiev, Ukraine. I will be teaching at Kiev Theological Seminary these next two weeks. Presently it’s snowing in Kiev. I left the snow and am now back in it again.


  • Left Baltimore Friday evening for Ukraine. Had good connections and flights. Even experienced some God moments:
    • God Moment One: Sat next to a woman from Detroit who was flying to Dubai to be with her husband. In comparing notes we are both Christ followers. She was on the young adult leadership team at Willow’s Axis ministry. Learned some great stuff from her re: young adult ministry in the local church. Had an opportunity to pray for her as she spends two weeks with her husband on vacation.
    • God Moment Two: Before getting on that flight I ate dinner at the Chili’s Restaurant in the Detroit Airport. I was listening to a gentleman sitting in the next table over discussing the Egypt crisis. He didn’t know all of what was happening, so I tried to fill him in on what I knew. We started talking after he finished his conversation. He was going back to Nigeria for a family conference as to what to do with his father’s coffee plantation. His father grew coffee trees just for fun, but there are a lot of them, and word has it the coffee beans are good beans. So we talked about Furnace Hills Coffee buying some of them. When he gets back from Nigeria he is going to send us a pound to try out. On another note we talked about the political situation in Nigeria. He is a Christian, and talked about the tension between Christian and Muslim factions in Jos.
    • God Moment Three: On the flight from Amsterdam to Kiev I sat next to a woman who is on the board of directors of Mission To Ukraine (MTU). MTU is the organization that Furnace Hills donates funds to for work with developmentally disabled orphaned boys here in Ukraine. We had a great time talking on the flight. What a God moment.
  • Sunday morning worship services at Hope Church in Kiev. I am staying with Steve & Nancy Wooden. They are dear friends of ours from Indianapolis days. Steve & Nancy helped plant Hope Church and it is obvious they are held in high regard by these great Ukrainian believers.
  • My sources reveal great worship gatherings happened at LifePoint Church over the weekend. I always miss not being there, but God has me on His errand here in Ukraine, so I will have to watch the worship gatherings on the web.

Hope you all have a good week. I’ll keep you up-to-date with my adventures here in Ukraine.




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