Sunday Evening Reflections:

WOW been a while since I posted a Sunday Evening Reflection! Sorry bout that. Hope you all had a GREAT weekend.


  • We had a great community group meeting on Friday evening. It was a good time in light of Joe’s sermon on Momentum to take stock of where we are as a group. It was probably a turning point for our group. It was something we discussed his last week in our staff meeting at LifePoint about where we are in our individual community groups when it comes to looking at the purpose and progress of our groups.
  • Saturday morning we were at the Westminster Farmer’s Market again. Erin loves going there. We sold 18 pounds of coffee. Toward the end of the morning we traded a pound of coffee with one of the organic farmers for some steak and bacon. I think overall it was a good trade. Lia Moore — our production manager for Furnace Hills Coffee — has enjoyed the market as well.
  • Saturday and Sunday worship gatherings at LifePoint were awesome. We are starting a Wind Walker (Holy Spirit) series. We had two hundred more people in attendance on Saturday evening than usual. Joe’s talk on the Momentum weekend must have had an impact. With many attending on Saturday evening we still had a full house on Sunday morning.
  • During the 6:15 service on Saturday evening we had an exploratory meeting for starting a Celebrate Recovery ministry at LifePoint. I was impressed with those who attended and their dependence on God’s Holy Spirit to make their lives count. We’ll see where this ministry goes. Presently we are praying about this opportunity.
  • Sunday afternoon we went with our HUGS ministry to decorate a Christmas tree for Johns Hopkins fund-raiser. Hundreds of trees being decorated at the Maryland State Fair Grounds. It’s the Festival of the Trees fund-raiser for their Kennedy Krieger area. We had just a great time. I love this idea of getting out in the community and doing stuff like this.

Hope you all have a great week.




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