Sunday Evening Reflections:

What an awesome weekend we had. Lots going on. Let’s get right to it!


  • Friday evening I started out doing a wedding rehearsal. The couple got married in our lobby. We have a lovely lobby and for smaller weddings I actually prefer this. The couple was cute and the groom gave a beautiful necklace to the bride’s daughter. It was really sweet. Obviously I’m talking about the wedding itself on Saturday afternoon @ 1pm.
  • Got back home to participate in our community group meeting. Louise was leading the discussion and doing a great job. What a blessing she is to our group.
  • Saturday morning Erin & I went to the Westminster Farmers Market to sell our Furnace Hills Coffee. We had a profitable morning and Erin is getting more and more into the talking with those that stop by. What fun. We are looking at hiring some one part-time to help with the business. It basically consumes all my free time. It has been a gift from God for Erin. Today or tomorrow we are being delivered a larger roaster to boost our production. We are sorely behind in orders to friends and family. If you know of anyone looking for a part-time job who would enjoy working with the developmentally disabled and loves coffee steer them our way.
  • The weekend gatherings at LifePoint Church were awesome. The band was great and really involved the audience in a unique fashion. Many were involved in strong ways. We saw a DVD by Andy Stanley on Luke 12. The parable of the man who had extra grain. Andy did great job of defining greed. You can go to Willow Creek’s site and watch it on their list of sermons. It was preached earlier this year. Then in three of the four services we had fire drills. They went off without a hitch. We finished the service 20 minutes early to do them. The 9:00 am gathering it was raining so we just shared the protocol with those in attendance.
  • Hannah joined us for lunch. She’s going to hang out with Erin this Thursday evening so Louise & I can get away for a bit. She is our newest staff hire at LifePoint. A quality individual who truly loves and wants to serve the Lord with all she is and has. It was fun getting to know her better.

So what a weekend. Hope you had a great one too.

Many blessings,



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