Sunday Evening Reflections:

This week we are on vacation. We are in Indianapolis, IN once again visiting with our family. Eric, Sarah, Mandy, David, Aubrey & Simeon. Louise & I are going to have a GREAT week. But, oh yes the weekend!


  • We had a great community group Friday evening. We shared a number of stories about how the Ripple Effect changed our lives or others we know. It was a follow-up to our weekend gatherings the week before. It was great! We also looked at the Ripple Effect in the Bible. Try to follow this one. Why is there a church in Ethiopia today? Well, after Stephen was stoned a great persecution broke out. Phillip the deacon re-settled with his daughters in Samaria to escape the persecution in Jerusalem. The Holy Spirit carried Phillip to share with the Ethiopian¬†Eunuch. The church in Ethiopia can trace it’s roots back to that experience between the two and that Ethiopian official coming to a saving knowledge of Jesus. It all started with a very negative thing — the stoning of Stephen.
  • After dropping a bunch of Furnace Hills Coffee off at the Westminster Farmer’s Market we drove to Indianapolis. A great ride and time to talk, sleep (when not at the wheel) and just listening to good music. It was like coming home to be with Mandy. She has a beautiful condo and we love hanging out with her.
  • Church yesterday was awesome. We attended Mandy’s church. Church at the Crossing in Indianapolis is just a great place to be. The worship was awesome. I love their blended service and the preaching was powerful.
  • We had lunch with our dear friend Lisa Meharry. We ate at a Chinese buffet. Hey Baltimore, take lessons from Indianapolis. They have the BEST Chinese buffets out here. That’s another story though.

Have a GREAT week. We are having a good time here. I’ll keep you posted.




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