Sunday Evening Reflections:

Greetings from a long hiatus of blogging. You see we had our whole family here! There were nine of us living in this small town home we own for several weeks. It was fun, but took time away from publishing any posts. So here goes the regular — now that it’s just the three of us here — post for this weekend.


  • We had a great community group meeting on Friday evening. What a blessing our group members are to us and each other. We finished before 9pm, but the last people didn’t leave till 10! I love it!
  • Saturday mornings has a new routine for us. Erin (our daughter with Down Syndrome) and I go to the Westminster Farmer’s Market to sell the coffee we have roasted throughout the past week. This Saturday we were almost sold out in two hours. We’re supposed to be there for four. So we had two hours with only two pounds of coffee on our table. When we closed up shop at Noon we had one pound left. This week we are buying a larger roaster. Erin has learned how to roast the coffee and her next steps are to learn how to measure out pounds and fill our bags with them. She is really enjoying her new job and contacts. And she is turning into a great coffee roaster. We twitter at @Furnace_Hills so come by and see us. We are working on a website and Facebook page as well. Our Facebook page is at! This is an awesome story about how our daughter has come home to live with us and what she is doing in roasting coffee. I’ll need to publish a post about it soon.
  • Our weekend gatherings at LifePoint were fantastic. Lots of people and a great presentation about what it means to be Orange (You’ll need to go to LifePoint’s website and get last week’s sermon to understand that). We have so many talented and godly people giving their best at LifePoint. It really makes it a great joy to influence people to find and follow Jesus when you can do it with these guys.
  • Met a lot of new people throughout the weekend. That was great.
  • We will probably start a ministry to those who are un-employed or under-employed. A guy in our church has a real heart for that and it has been something I’ve been praying for for quite some time.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Looking forward to an awesome week. Let’s stay in touch.




2 responses to “Sunday Evening Reflections:

  1. Thank you Mike. It’s been a while. By-the-way you looked awesome on the platform yesterday. I am so glad you are serving in Jr. Quest!

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