Sunday Evening Reflections:

Yes, I know this is late, but we have had company come in from out-of-town and there are now nine of us in our town home and will be that way for another ten days, so have been pre-occupied with other things.

So here goes…


  • Really the weekend started early last week. I attended my thirteenth Willow Creek Leadership Summit. I have started another post I’ll publish soon about my Leadership Summit story. It really is cool to see how God has moved in my life through this significant two-day leadership event.
  • Friday evening community group was great. We discussed Joe’s sermon on service. We had 131 people volunteer to serve in the ministry at LifePoint. What an encouragement. You can check out his sermon on our website
  • We had great worship celebrations at LifePoint this past weekend. I spoke on the Harvest. I shared a lot of statistics and concepts about the Harvest close by and around the world. It was an awesome time to just share my heart for the Harvest to those that were there.

Hope you all have a GREAT rest of the week. Be looking for that post on the Willow Creek Leadership Summit.




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