Down Syndrome — Breaking the News!

What kind of emotions go through you when you tell your daughter for the first time she has Down’s! Yet, it came up very naturally. My Mom and I were discussing the difference between someone who is Autistic and someone who has Down’s. Erin piped up and said, “Not me!”

I asked, “What do you mean Erin?”

Her response was, “I don’t have Down Syndrome.”

I said, “Yes you do.”

She said, “No I don’t.”

Once again I stated, “Yes you do.”

At that point she gave in and replied with an “oh”. I then gave her some things that were hard for her to do and things that it was hard for her to share with us — her speech could be better — and she was silent. I could tell it troubled her. Then I told her about some of her good friends in our HUGS ministry at church and what great people they all are. I said that they have Down Syndrome as well. I told her there were things she could do better than any of us. I shared with her how loving and kind she is and all the things she can do well.

It was a profound moment that just happened naturally. Our thirty-six year old daughter now knows she has Down’s.

Have you ever had to break the news like this to someone you love dearly? How did it go?




5 responses to “Down Syndrome — Breaking the News!

  1. Wow Dave, I can’t imagine. I am sorry and relieved for you all at the same time. It takes special parents to do the job of raising a special needs child and continuing to care for them. I have some questions for you about Downs when you get a chance. A friend of mine has a child with Downs and they are going through a difficult season. So when you get a chance let me know. Praying for your message this week! HOpe you have had a great time of study and preparation!

  2. Thanks all for your comments. Our family has had some good time processing it. I’m sure we’ll keep talking and I’ll keep writing. We have some resources along this line we’d like to share. Never thought we’d be the ones using them.
    See you guys at the Summit today!

  3. Hey Dave,

    Tough conversation, but a good one to have. You and I have talked about Randy Alcorn’s thoughts and theories on Down’s, etc., maybe sharing those sometime with Erin could help? Probably most clearly expressed in his book “Deadline” and some in “Heaven” as well.

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