Sunday Evening Reflections:

It has been a while since my last post. You know how it goes, you get busy and then busier and then you realize you need to get back to doing some of the basic stuff you enjoy. Blogging is one of those things for me.


  • Continued great discussions in our community group on Friday evenings. What I love about our group is the way people hang out after we’re “finished” and carry on conversations. We decided to do a service project together based on Adam Workman’s (@adamworkman) on Risk It. So we’re going to try a food drive for a local ministry.
  • Had an early morning meeting with a group of people planning an outreach/service weekend coming up in October. How do you deploy 2500 people in acts of service over a fall weekend? We’re working hard after that.
  • Our “There’s An App For That” series keeps clicking along. This weekend one of our elders spoke on renewing the mind. Very good.
  • We drove to Philly yesterday to celebrate Mary Rogers’ 96th birthday. Mary lives in the apartment next to where Mom Simons lived. She is a grand lady, never married and loves Jesus. We had a special two-hour birthday celebration with her eating Louise’s homemade peach pie and ice cream (not eating the whole two hours, but eating and talking).

Hope you had a great weekend. Looking forward to what God has in store for us all this week!




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