The Power of Goal Setting:

On July 3rd we held our Baldwin family reunion in Binghamton, NY. It was the first time I had seen some of my cousins in 40 years. It was a truly great and profound time of re-connecting. Many thank you’s to my cousin Nancy who hosted us at her beautiful home and property. This was a goal we worked on for a couple of years. Last year we were just a month from having it when Uncle Frank became quite ill and that put everything on hold.

Baldwin Reunion Cake

I read a book by Brian Tracy a couple of years ago about how to get your life in shape. One of the activities he gave us readers to do was to write out 101 goals that we would work on over the next ten years. Now I have to admit I couldn’t make it to 101. I stopped at 88. I’ll talk about some of the things I learned about goal setting in future posts, but when I got to the point that I was setting some fantastic — out of the realm of possibility kind of goals — I stopped writing.

Well one of the goals was to plan and have a Baldwin Family Reunion.  Now this wasn’t because it was out of the realm of possibility or that it was just a made-up one. I really wanted to pull off the reunion. And on July 3rd we did.  And it was profound. I saw cousins I hadn’t seen in 40 years. We re-connected and had a great time. Our cousin Nancy hosted us at her beautiful home. She lives in the middle of her 150 acre property with her husband Bert. She is an awesome hostess. Cousin Diane spent several days with Nancy working on boards of our parents, grand-parents and great-grand parents and their siblings. It was fun to see them and look at

Genealogy Boards

who looked like who. That was fun.

The most fun though was just hearing what has happened to my cousins over the last 40 years. Lives have gone on and children have been born and careers have been forged. And people have had faith experiences.

There was one person from my father’s generation present — Aunt Barbara. There were nine cousins present, six second cousins and one third cousin. Everyone wants to do it again soon. We’ll set that as another goal. What a blessing it was and my thanks to all who made it a reality. Goals are a Powerful thing especially when they come to fruition.

Nine Baldwin Cousins

Well that’s this leader’s view.




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