And the Winner Is…

When I first posted the idea that readers of A Leader’s View help my find an appropriate app for my talk on August 7th &8th, I said there would be a prize for the person whose idea I decided to use. Well, I’m using my idea for the app icon. However I do want to be fair, so I’m going to give the three people who left comments on the blog a gift for participating. In fact I’m going to be giving them a book that has meant a lot to me over the years. It’s a set of prayers by Richard Kriegbaum. It’s entitled Leadership Prayers.

Those three are …

There's An App For That

  • Ron Snyder
  • Tim Ely
  • Julie Blauwkamp

I thought all your ideas were great! As I thought of the story of Nehmiah, the brick theme just seemed to jump out at me.

So I’ll get those books ordered and as you guys see me around the campus of LifePoint Church, I’ll be handing them out.

Blessings, and thanks to our three prize-winners.



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