There’s An App For That:

Okay guys I think I have found the App icon I’m going to use for my sermon on the weekend of August 7&8. It came to me as I was discussing the

There's An App For That

book Visoneering with a group of guys I lead in a leadership round-table. So we are studying the story of Nehemiah and really how successful he was in leading the efforts to re-build the wall around Jerusalem. The question was/is how do you measure success in his life? In our lives? I’m not going to give too much away but save it for my talk, but I thought as a result of the Nehemiah discussion and his mission of re-building the wall I would use several bricks as my App icon.

Thank you to those who have put some time in thinking of this idea. I’m excited about how the talk prep is going. I love sharing with the people of LifePoint Church. Hope to see you on that weekend.

Perhaps a way you can prepare for the weekend is to read the thirteen chapters of Nehemiah and make observations of what success is and how one should handle its rewards.




2 responses to “There’s An App For That:

    • Thank you Mike. I’m looking forward to the weekend. I heard through Louise you did an awesome job in JrQuest again last Sunday. Those kiddos are so fortunate to have a teacher like you there.

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