Sunday Evening Reflections:

WOW can’t believe another weekend is over. Lots happened!


  • Friday evening our community group attended the closing performance of our Ventureland Creative Arts Camp. Our children of LifePoint did an awesome job. It was fun to experience their excitement! This camp was a winner in my opinion. We then went out as a group for dinner. Had some great pizza!
  • Saturday evening I started out working in our Bumblebee department. That’s our 2&3 year olds. Something totally unrelated to 2&3 year olds hit me (except it had to do with their families). We are becoming a multi-ethnic multi-national church. One of the workers in the room is from Spain. One of the families dropping off their children is from Mexico. As I stopped and thought about it we have representatives at LifePoint from the following countries; Spain, Mexico, Nicaragua, Chili, Nigeria, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, The Philippines, Haiti, Iran, Morocco, Taiwan, The United Kingdom and The Netherlands. I’m sure there is more. I love that cosmopolitan feel that comes when you have different cultures mixing like that.
  • We did another Focus this weekend. Focus is where new-comers to LifePoint can come and get those things that are out of focus — a little fuzzy — more in focus re: LifePoint. We had a good number of people both Saturday and Sunday.
  • Joe’s sermon this week was exceptional. We are in “There’s an App for that” series. His talk this weekend was on to judge or knot to judge. Great play on words. You should check it out at LifePoint Church. Just click on sermons.
  • On a personal note. Our daughter — Mandy — sent us a link to John & Tracie Loux’s blog. It is a post written by their sister-in-law Renee. I am giving you the link here. Her husband Derek was on our staff in Indianapolis as worship director. He died in a car crash last year at the age of 37. Derek led the charge in adopting those who were the most wounded and vulnerable building a national reputation and following in the process. Renee has a moving Father’s day tribute to Derek and the announcement that she is adopting their tenth child. It’s worth the read.

Hope you have a GREAT week.




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