Katie’s Story:

I shared in my Sunday Evening Reflections how I had worked in our children’s ministry this past weekend at LifePoint Church. I told you it was a rush! It was! I counted it a privilege to be working with these kindergarteners through third graders. I want to tell you the story of Katie.

Our church has been raising funds for Haiti relief. We have been giving it through World Relief (http://wr.org). Well Katie this past week had a lemonade stand and sold sandwiches as well. For her work she raise $207 for Haiti. It will be given to World Relief for their work there. As I watched her on the platform telling her story, I thought about how privileged her table leader must feel right now. Here is a young girl (just finished third grade) who a fortunate adult has the privilege to teach on Sunday mornings in our Ventureland ministry. Katie is serious about her walk with God and those who are the most vulnerable in our world.

Several years ago I read an article about what age a person is when they decide to make career decisions. For most of us it’s when we are in the fourth & fifth grades. So here’s Katie in our program learning about Jesus and His claims on her life and she is making wise decisions. Wow, if that doesn’t give you a rush for ministry and working with children I don’t know what will. I am looking forward to the adult she is going to be and the impact she will have for the Kingdom of god.

Katie’s brother Nick wanted to be on stage with her when she told her story. I don’t think he really helped much. But he was watching and listening and I’m sure we’ll see great things happen in his life as well.

This is a leader’s view.




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