Sunday Evening Reflections:

What an awesome weekend. Hope yours was as good as ours.


  • We had a small attendance in our community group on Friday evening, but what a great discussion! We worked on our first sermon in “There’s an App for That” series. Lots of good observations and points of view shared.
  • We are short-staffed in our Ventureland (Childrens) ministry right now, so Louise & I pulled double duty over the weekend. We worked with Kindergarten/First Graders (Jr. Quest) both on Saturday and Sunday. What a rush! Not only does LifePoint Church have the greatest teachers and leaders in Children’s ministry (okay maybe overstating it a bit, don’t want to dis any other ministry, but they are awesome) we also have some great children as well. I am so impressed with how seriously a number of our children approach their time at church. At the beginning of the weekend we had 705 open one-time serving opportunities available in Ventureland through the rest of the summer. Obviously that number is lower after this weekend. I’m going to be updating this figure throughout the summer here, on my Facebook page and through twitter. So if you are an attendee at LifePoint, I encourage you, I challenge you to fill several of those open opportunities this summer. You will walk away blessed more than you are a blessing!
  • Jason did an excellent job with this week’s App! Jason is our associate pastor of student ministries. A challenging teaching session on how we measure-up and how we should measure up. If you weren’t there this weekend, go to and click on sermons. You’ll be challenged by this talk.

Have a GREAT week everyone,




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