Haiti Five Squared:

I am attending a Haiti Briefing by World Relief hosted by Community Christian Church (CCC) in Naperville, IL. Tonight Dave Ferguson, the Sr. Pastor of CCC spoke on the disaster and our response to it. He spoke tonight about the fact that the church in America needs Haiti as much as Haiti needs us. The day has been full of idea sharing and brainstorming about the best way to engage with churches in Haiti.

Disaster response if more than the instant response to the situation. It’s a long-term commitment to the people of Haiti. The five phases, or as we heard today Haiti Five Squared is:

  1. Search & Rescue — first 72 hours
  2. Crisis Response — one to six months
  3. Rehabilitation Stage — six months to three years
  4. Development — three to seven years
  5. Transition — Turning the work over to the local church in Haiti.

What really resonates with me is World Relief’s commitment to work with the local church in Haiti. It may be a longer, messier way to do things. Looking forward to tomorrow and what the Holy Spirit has in store for us attending.

As Dave Ferguson prayed this evening, “We want to move at the speed of the Holy Spirit.”

That’s this leader’s view.



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