Need Some Help:

Greetings Everyone,

This summer at LifePoint Church our sermon series is There’s An App for That. The series is based on the premise of the iPhone and the apps that one can get for their phone. So we are thinking of issues in the Christian life that need application from God’s Word.

So I have thought about tackling the whole topic of success. When are we successful and what do we do with the perceived fruits of success? Too many people look at the fruits and believe a person is successful and forget that the troubles they are experiencing or the difficulties they have now means they’re not successful, but it just may be the most successful they could be because it’s right where God wants them. Make sense?

An App for That

So here comes the help I need. Each sermon needs to have an app design associated with it. I have thought of some images, but not totally sold on any. Can you think of an app design that we can add to the phone on the right that will represent my application points regarding a biblical definition of success? A couple of hints:

  • Needs to represent my sermon
  • Needs to be simple — it will be on a small square so too small to be intricate
  • Needs to be colorful.

I’m the ninth sermon in the series and each week a new icon gets added to the phone. So can you help me out? What would be a creative design for my app. Also I need to turn it in June 16th, so not a lot of time.  A very cool thing, in our worship center there are two larger than life iPhones on either side of the stage — probably 12 fee tall. Each week the app for that week will be added to the phone.

I’ll mention the winner on this blog and will probably award a prize (don’t know what yet). So what do you think? Can you help me with a design?

What design would best fit my sermon?


4 responses to “Need Some Help:

  1. Hands clapping- tying into when we hear Jesus say to us, “well done- good and faithful servant.” – can’t have any better definition than that, eh?

  2. How about a check Plus or a thumbs up, in gold all those symbolize success. 1

    Although Jesus said he who was last would be first so not sure about a graphic for that, maybe this (>Me). I will ponder this and maybe come up with another graphic if you decide to go this direction.

  3. May be generic but how about a WWJD app…. How great would it be to have an app that allowed you to put in a life situation and the app automatically tells you the most Christ-like solution.

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