Sunday Evening Reflections:

Another great weekend for the Baldwins. Hope you had a great one as well.


  • We had an excellent community group meeting on Friday evening. We are discussing the previous week’s sermon at LifePoint Church. What a great way to stay in tune to what God has for us in becoming Christ-like Influencers!
  • The weekend gatherings at LifePoint were profound. That’s the only way I can describe them. We had acoustic worship and Adam’s sermon was awesome. His message through the power of the Holy Spirit can change the world. You need to listen to it at Below you’ll see a picture of the Saturday evening gathering and our acoustic set. Adams four point in the discipline of controlling our minds are as follows:
    • Set Your Mind (What does this look like?)
      • Recount your blessings
      • Memorize Scripture
      • Dwell on what the gospel is and how Jesus has procured our salvation
      • Really it’s found in Philippians 4:8
    • Take Every Thought Captive
      • Evaluate each thought
      • Judge each thought
      • Replace the thought that is not pleasing and godly
    • Let the Holy Spirit control your Mind (Romans 8:5&6)
    • Prioritize Your Thinking (Matthew 16:33)

      Acoustic LifePoint

  • Got word today through twitter that Dana Key passed away. He was one of those pioneering Christian musicians of yester-year. It was DeGarmo & Key that touched many with their music and faith. I got to know Dana when he came to speak at a single’s retreat in my former church. He was thoughtful and brought a deepness to his ministry that can sometimes be missed in the contemporary Christian music scene. I’m sure he has heard those words all Christians long to hear from our Saviour, “Well done, you good and faithful servant.”

Have a great week.




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