Sunday Evening Reflections:

Greetings All,

I’m getting the Sunday Evening Reflections out late today. Partly because I stayed up late watching the Lost finale. I’ll need to blog on that some day when it all sinks in.


  • LifePoint Church had its annual Men’s Summit (retreat) this weekend. The theme had to do with spiritual disciplines. Four guys from LifePoint did the teaching (Mark Marten, Lance Burch, Adam Workman and Jason Fullen). The small group times were profound. Mine was life-changing for a number of us in the group.
  • Early Sunday morning I met with the leadership of a new ministry group at LifePoint. The Hands and Feet of Jesus ministry is working with “the least of these.” They really want to make an impact in our area for Jesus. Good follow-ups from the meeting.
  • Weekend gatherings at LifePoint were great! We used a Willow Creek Leadership talk by Rev. Timothy Keller (Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC) for our teaching time. The talk was “A Prodigal God” based on Luke 15. What an incredible shocking view of this well-known parable. It was well received by our people.
  • Lots of great lobby conversations.

Hope you had a great weekend. Let’s trust God for an excellent week.




4 responses to “Sunday Evening Reflections:

  1. Hey Dave, Excellent posting. I heard some very interesting takes on the sermon. Do we have a link to share, so that those of us that were at the Men’s Summit could view it?

    • Hey Craig,
      Sorry but we don’t have a link. However, I’m sure you can purchase a DVD at I’ll check it out and post it tomorrow so people know how to order one.
      Great Summit wasn’t it!

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