What a Day Holds:

Louise & I watched the film Gettysburg several weeks ago. I was most impressed by the accounts of Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. He was the commander of the 20th Maine. He was given the assignment of holding the flank at Little Round Top till the last. In the film he muses the last what … last bullet, last hour or last man. In a sheer act of valor with little ammunition late in the day he orders a bayonet charge. That’s what won the day and kept the Confederates from out-flanking the Union line.  I wonder if when he woke up that morning he knew he would make history. Probably this act of bravery and leadership along with a handful of others throughout the Civil War could be said to have been the winning factors. Blacks could give their thanks for freedom to Chamberlain’s actions that day.

Three days earlier a Captain Charles Corbit of Delaware’s 1st led a doomed Calvary charge against Confederate forces in Westminster, MD. His commanding officer was in a nearby bar getting soused. Corbit led 90 cavalrymen pistols blazing into the teeth of J.E.B. Stuart’s 5000 strong Army of Northern Virginia. Some historians observe this to be the engagement in the Civil War where there was the most pistols fired on either side. Smoke filled the main street of Westminster. Stuart’s men won the engagement, however it slowed them down by a day. Thus they were a day late getting to Gettysburg. Some say Corbit’s Charge was what won Gettysburg for the Union.

Once again I don’t think Corbit woke up that morning knowing what the day held for him and his men. Both Chamberlain and Corbit were faithful to their posts. They did what was expected of them and did it with excellence and a bit of creativity. I believe that not all the momentous, history changing events are made by those that pre-plan or work-out a grand scheme, but many times are left to those who are faithful to what they’ve been called to do.

What have you been called to do? Can you imagine your obedience and faithfulness at your post some day resulting in a kingdom changing act? What does tomorrow hold for you? You may give-up that chance of knowing if you are not faithful at what God has called you to do. OR, look at your past. Can you see God’s hand print on your life and ministry? I’ll bet it isn’t all in the big events or decisions, but lots of times in the seasons of ministry that didn’t seem so history making at the time.

What has your faithfulness produced in Kingdom fruit over the years? What does tomorrow hold for you?


2 responses to “What a Day Holds:

  1. Hi Dave and Louise, Thank you for this post… I saw Gettysburg/Chamberlain on there and just had to read the rest. Thought you would like to know that the charge on Little Round Top is one of our family favorites. We went to Gettysburg in April of 2002 as we were preparing to leave for Australia. Paul was only 4, but our trip had a huge impact even on him. We first watched the film in the living room of the southside mission house. I will read your post to the kids when they get home from school today… next week the movers come and we head to Los Angeles on June 4th… another transition that we didn’t know was in store for us. Much love to you both! Cat

    • Thank you Cat. You and Scott are great examples of this post. You guys have been faithful to your duty stations and look what God has done through you all. If you want to come back and tour Gettysburg, we have extra bedrooms. Sure would be fun to have you here. We live about 30 minutes from Gettysburg.

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