Sunday Evening Reflections:

Greetings Everyone,

What a wonderful weekend. A bunch of stuff going on. Hoping your weekend was great as well.


  • We had a real laid back Community Group meeting Friday evening. Lots to talk about and just hanging out with our group. We’ve got a good group of people who are a strong encouragement to one another.
  • Saturday and Sunday Worship Gatherings were awesome. Joe’s talk was on “Lesson-Up”. He gave us five lessons he’s learned over the years. Great stuff:
    • Lesson 1: Be careful how you define success. This has been a message that’s been coming across to me through several venues. I am reading Visioneering by Andy Stanley. Chapter four talks about this very thing.
    • Lesson 2: Your contribution is in your areas of strength. This is a hard one for many of us to grasp. We want to keep working on our weaknesses. That’s a no win situation. Focus on the one to three spiritual gifts you been given and steward them well.
    • Lesson 3: It doesn’t matter who gets the credit. Wow that’s a hard one for me. I want everyone to know what my contributions and ideas have been.
    • Lesson 4: It is impossible to grow apart from suffering. Another hard lesson to learn.
    • Lesson 5: The temptation toward outward religion is real and dangerous. Enough said!
  • After the Saturday evening gathering we went out to dinner with Alex and Raquel. They are church planters in the White Marsh, MD area. we had a very enjoyable time with this young couple. Alex is from Great Britain and Raquel from Nicaragua. I’m sure God is going to bless their efforts there.
  • Sunday morning I helped out in Jr. Quest (Kindergarten & First Grade). It was an awesome time. I am an educator at heart and it was fascinating to watch how the morning went. I think we got some answers as to how to work with one of the children who is a bit hard to handle. Just needed to be in a group that works for him. So many of these little ones are very serious about their relationship with the Lord. One first grader showed me the Bible his mother had given him with verses she had highlighted for him. He shared those with me. Our Children’s staff at LifePoint are doing and awesome job helping these little guys to be all they can be in Jesus. Below is a picture of the children marching around the room like the children of Israel marched around Jericho. Awesome!

LifePoint Jr. Quest

Hope you have a great week.




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