WOW, what a busy weekend. Lots of good things happening:


  • We had a great community group meeting on Friday evening. Lots to talk about regarding God’s sovereignty and our free will. I am reminded of Esther & Mordecai’s conversation. When Esther hesitates to go before the king, what was Mordecai’s response? God is not going to let his people be wiped off the face of the earth. How do you know that you haven’t come to this place of influence for just a time like this. But if not from you, God will bring deliverance for His people from a different quarter! We are studying the sermon notes from our series at LifePoint for this season of our group.
  • Focus was this weekend at LifePoint. Focus is a session for new-comers. We help them focus in on what we are about here. We had two good groups of people. Lots of questions and people who were eager to jump in and make a difference here. Jodie Zorbaugh (Serve Director) and Adam Workman (Small Groups Pastor) team with me to make Focus happen. They do an awesome job sharing Serve & Grow for LifePoint Church.
  • After the services on Sunday we had a short-term trip meeting for those going on trips this year. We are heading in five different directions. Very exciting place to be hearing those interested in making a difference this summer around the world.
  • After that meeting I traveled down to DC to do some pre-marital counseling for a couple getting married this Sunday. We had a lovely meal outside in a side-walk cafe close to DuPont Circle. What fun. The wedding should be great!

Hope you have an excellent week.

Many Blessings,



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