Sunday Evening Reflections:

I hope you all had a great Easter weekend! It was especially awesome for me. It was also my birthday yesterday! So what a way to celebrate my birthday than at Easter.


  • We started off the weekend with a great community group meeting. Sergei Krasnitsky — a Ukrainian believer with a Jewish background — joined us and shared a lot of interesting and challenging aspects of the Passover meal. We reflected on what happened that Good Friday and enjoyed a great time of prayer. Thank you Sergei.
  • Saturday and Sunday Easter Gatherings at LifePoint were powerful. We had full gatherings and many new faces. It was a moving service with the claims of the gospel being shared by Joe in very simple understandable ways.
  • We had a number of volunteers step up and serve in many ways over the weekend. Thank you all for your gracious loving service.
  • Sunday afternoon we had dear friends and some new ones over to share my birthday celebration and Easter with in a very enjoyable laid back way. Thank you all for making my day special!
  • I also had over 100 Facebook birthday greetings. Thanks guys.

Hope you all have a great week. He Is Risen!




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