Turning the Page:

Next week the Baldwin’s turn a page in their lives. Our daughter, Erin, is coming home to live with us. She has been in a residential facility in WI for the past 13 1/2 years. We feel now the best place for her is home with us. So, we are going to no longer be empty nesters. You see, Erin has Down’s Syndrome. She is 35 years old. Here’s a picture of the two of us last August when we spent part of our vacations together.

Erin & Dave

It was a sunny day, so both of us were squinting a bit. So she comes home. God has been good to us. We have some things she’ll be able to do. We are starting a coffee roasting business. I have purchased a coffee roaster and trying out different kinds/blends of coffee. I’ve had people testing it for me (if you’d like a sample leave a comment). This idea came through another effort in the Chicago area to work with the developmentally disabled in roasting coffee. Perhaps we’ll be able to employ others as well. This is starting out though as a job for Erin so that she can contribute to the family and the world of coffee. We talked to her last night and she is excited about coming home and doing this.

So leadership, what does this have to do with leadership. Well this is a bold new venture for us. We have stepped out knowing that something had to be done to improve Erin’s quality of life. As we have put one foot in front of another, things have happened. I have a friend who is an accomplished leader. He works in Africa. When asked why he leads the way he does and how he comes up with great ideas, he says I just poke around and try this and that, and God leads me to do great things for Him. So this is our adventure in trusting Jesus. It is an act of faith, but of leadership as well.

So you’ll be hearing a lot more about the Furnace Hills Coffee enterprise in the future. Please stay tuned. We are turning the page in the Baldwin household! And if you want some free samples let me know. I’d love to get your feedback.

Well that’s this leader’s view.




11 responses to “Turning the Page:

  1. Dave — Praying for you all as you “turn the page.” I am so excited for all of you. It’s nice to know you’ve found some answers to some of the frustrations you’ve been feeling with Erin’s situation. Praise God for clarity in direction and for your willingness to follow His lead. — Carol.

  2. Thank you Carol. Don’t worry, it won’t get in the way of our summer weekend. By-the-way, isn’t it time to start planning that? Why don’t you see when the others are free, I’ll talk to Louise.



  3. Totally understand. I should have given some to Ruth when she was in town. Praying for you too in your huge transition. Very exciting!


  4. Dave, you inspire me. Thanks for sharing about Erin. You can call it leadership, but I think you’re just being a good dad. Please let me assist you in your product development in your new business! I’ll be at home with three sick kiddos instead of going to church this weekend. I’ll see you Monday at VP.

    • Thank you Joe for those kind words. You are a dear friend. I look forward to seeing you Monday.



  5. Dave,
    I probably don’t tell you this enough-but you are such a great example of Godly leadership and solid character…You put first things first and likewise have your priorities right before God…You are an example to me of taking care of you family – and it’s good for younger folks like me to observe as we can get so wrapped up in being too busy in the name of ministry… And I live your idea with the coffee -you really are one cool dad and one cool Pastor!

  6. Oops… I meant to say “love” your idea…I am typing on my iPhone as I am reading blogs between errands…(hmm…see what I mean about being busy?!)

    • Hey Julianna,
      Thanks so much for your kind words. We are looking forward to this new chapter in the Baldwin family. We’ll keep everyone in the know as we progress down this path.
      Have a GREAT time in LA.

  7. Hey, Dave, we will be praying as you step out and follow God’s leading regarding bringing Erin home. Someday we will try to get down to see you. Is that decaf ready for testing yet?
    Love ya,

    • Hey Hope,

      Thanks for the note. Yes, the decaf is ready. I’m not sure we have your right address though. If you send that to me I’ll get it out early next week. I sent Rachel and Brad some. They said it was yummy.
      Thanks so much for the prayers as well.

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