Sunday Evening Reflections:

Well it’s been a while since posting anything. Louise & I went on a cruise February 7-14. We had a blast. It was the Carnival Pride. It left from Baltimore. It was our first cruise. I left my computer at home and we had a great time. I’ve included a picture of my beautiful wife Louise on deck nine of the Pride. We got home last Sunday afternoon. I thought I would have to shovel out to get our car in and get into our house, but I have to tell you we have the best neighbors in the world. They had us all shoveled out. It was a true blessing. We drove up, parked the car and walked into the house.


So what were some of my reflections from this past weekend?

  • We had an awesome community group on Friday evening. we are studying the book of Malachi. Lots of great insights from our group.
  • We had a huge attendance on Saturday at LifePoint Church. I was blown away by how many children we had. Saturday evening has become the size of a mid-sized church in and of itself. What fun!
  • Mark Marten did an awesome job over the weekend speaking on giving and receiving advice, from the book of Proverbs. It really was a growth experience for us all.
  • Before the 9:00 service Sunday we shared with one another in the green room mentors we have had over the years. I shared about Don Gerig. You can read Gerig’s Musings on my blogroll. Don is losing his battle with cancer. When we were serving together in Chicago (1977-1982) he was a true mentor to me. A lot of who I am today in ministry is because of Don’s input in my life. Thank you Don!
  • Sunday afternoon we had friends over and just caught up. What a blessing it is that God gives us friends to share life with. It’s great!
  • Lots of great things happened over the weekend that are not a part of my direct oversight at LifePoint. I am always amazed at the great job our ministry leaders do in moving God’s Kingdom forward through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Hope you all had a great weekend. Looking forward to a good week. I’ll try to be more faithful in my posts.




2 responses to “Sunday Evening Reflections:

    • Yes, he will be missed. I need to write a post in tribute to him. I learned a lot from Don. I think the most unique thing about Don was what he did with left-over popcorn. The next morning he would put milk and sugar on it and eat it like cereal. Not that’s just not natural.
      Have a GREAT week, hope Steve is doing better.

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