Sunday Evening Reflections:

A lot going on this past weekend. Our dear friend Lisa Meharry from Indianapolis has visited us. Go Colts!


  • Friday evening our Community Group watched Amazing Grace, the film about William Wilberforce and the end of the British slave trade. It is a great reminder of what one person can do to change the course of history. Worth the watch if you haven’t done so.
  • Keep getting images from Haiti. Wish LifePoint could send a team. I understand NGO’s are not ready yet for that. There has been the image of one child that’s burned into my mind that I’ve prayed for. I’ve included his picture here. I wish we could track him down and make sure he’s okay. Yet there are thousands like him. He represents these thousands in my mind. I call him Pierre. When I pray I have his face on my mind.



  • Great conclusion to a three-week sermon series at LifePoint on the sanctity of life and issues of prejudice, the poor and our response to it. Joe preached a great sermon on the sanctity of life this weekend. What a great way to close the series.
  • I enjoy sitting in our Video Cafe. It was really full this Sunday. A lot of people attending LifePoint and the Holy Spirit’s presence is palpable in our worship. It is a great place to be on the weekends.
  • Still people who are hurting and need God’s hope. Spoke to several during some of the services.

Well I hope you had a great weekend. Let’s keep praying for Pierre. What are doing for the people of Haiti. Let’s see what good God is going to bring out of this tragedy.




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