Our Missionary God:

Our church is beginning a course next Monday evening that will help people develop a world view and learn what God is doing among the nations. This is the post I published on our Vantage Point blog. If you are in the Baltimore area I would encourage you to attend this informative course. It’s our second time through it.

This Monday evening — January 25th — we begin our second session of Vantage Point. The unique seminar helps the participant get a world view of God’s plan for the nations. I will be kicking off the first session with an introduction of the course. I begin with the concept that our God is a missionary God. By being a part of reaching people for Jesus we are doing what is closest to the heart of God. Whey is God a missionary?

  • Throughout the Bible we see His heart for the people of the world.
  • God has a missionary Son. God the Father has a Son who cares for the nations.
  • Throughout the Bible you see God sending His people to reach the nations.
  • In fact not only is God a missionary, but His book the Bible is a missionary text.
  • Our missionary God has given a missionary mandate to His Church.

We’ll then watch a brief film that shows these concepts in a very moving way!

Think about coming this first week and seeing what Vantage Point is all about. Experience the unpacking of these principles live as we talk and share together. You can go to http://www.lifepointchurch.us and register for Vantage Point! Looking forward to seeing you there.


Dave Baldwin


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