Sunday Evening Reflections:

What an interesting weekend. Lots of things happening. See below:


  • Spent a part of Saturday working on relief details for LifePoint Church in Haiti. We have decided to send our funds through World Relief. They have a great work already on the ground there. Their website has had a huge amount of information and prayer resources as well. You can access their site at It will be exciting to see how much LifePoint Church gave over the weekend to the relief efforts in Haiti.
  • Part of our weekend services included a prayer time for Haiti. We broke-up into small groups throughout the worship center and prayed. It was very moving.
  • We have a couple at LifePoint who have a not-for-profit in Haiti working with an orphanage. You can find their work at
  • Over the weekend I also posted a site where you can see a video update from Matt Chandler. Matt is the Sr. Pastor of the Village Church in Flower Mound, TX. The church has a weekend attendance of around 6,000. Matt is 34 years old and has a brain tumor. It is an inspiring update and Matt will be doing a video blog every Friday. It is a challenging experience personally to watch the video blog. Matt is the age of my son Eric. You can view that video at
  • Joe taught on the Pride of Prejudice this weekend. What a great talk and mixed reaction. It was a talk on a biblical view of race and prejudice. What a great message for this weekend as we celebrate the life of Dr. King. You can catch the talk at Click on the sermon tab.
  • Lots of great conversations this weekend. I love connecting people. We have a number of college students coming from McDaniel. I was able to connect five of them who didn’t know each other. What fun!

Hope your weekend was meaningful and good. Looking forward to an exciting week.

Many Blessings,



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