Sunday Evening Reflections:

Seems like ages since I last posted anything. Hope your weekends were all extra special!


  • Watched the beginning twenty minutes of the Derek Loux memorial Saturday afternoon. Then the site crashed. I figured so many people tried to access the site to watch the memorial service that it crashed. Derek’s Dad started the service. What a man of God he is!
  • Had a great time over the weekend working with Courtney Lilly in starting off for the new year. I commend this great blog to you if you are considering reading through the Bible this year. This is the second year for the blog. Check it out!
  • Saturday evening worship gatherings at LifePoint were fun to be a part of. Dr. Mark Marten spoke and did a great job of sharing some great insights about how we delude ourselves in thinking we are better than we really are. You can access his talk at look under sermons.
  • Sunday morning in our 10:45 am service I was giving announcements when I realized my daughter — Erin — was standing in front of the stage holding up her dollar for offering. We had encouraged her to take a dollar which was 10% of a gift she’d been given for Christmas. Now Erin is 35 years old and has Down Syndrome. So once she realized her HUGS class was leaving before the offering was taken well she just had to make sure I put it in the offering basket for her.
  • This morning I responded to a post Craig Groeschel published on his blog, . It’s a thought provoking question. You may want to grapple with it today!
  • My NY Giants embarrassed themselves again yesterday. Oh well there’s always next year.




2 responses to “Sunday Evening Reflections:

  1. I just saw your post about Derek.I didn’t know him but I heard about his death on someones blog, I can’t even remember who. he seemed like an incredible man with an outstanding family. You wrote very nicely about him.

    • Thanks so much Stephanie. I went to your site and saw you have the same heart for those that are orphaned as did Derek. May the Lord bless you on your journey.

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