Sunday Evening Reflections:

It was a quiet weekend for us. We did get a lot of work done around the house. Hope your weekend was profitable.


  • Saturday evening we went to the Ron Blue Christmas gathering. Louise works for this fine company. The Baltimore office went out for appetizers & then to Mountain Christian Church for a comedy night. A stand-up comedian made us laugh and cry for over an hour. The church used the event to promote their outreach efforts. They also encouraged attenders to get involved with at least one of their initiatives. It was very creative & funny too!
  • The weekend gatherings at LifePoint continued the series on the atonement by Joe. Once again a great teaching session on the mercy seat! What a great application about Jesus being our Mercy Seat.
  • First hour I met with our Hands & Feet ministry. I am truly excited about the potential this new ministry has in the areas of compassion and social justice in our region.
  • Finish the weekend watching the Giants battle the Eagles. What a game. I’m finishing this post before the game finishes.




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