Sunday Evening Reflections:

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as restful as the Baldwin one was. We had our two daughters with us. One lives in Indianapolis, the other close to Milwaukee. We had a few close friends in and just hung out. We watched the debacle of the NY Giants loss. That was the only downer of the weekend. We also had several good skype calls with our kids and grand-kids in SE Asia.

So what was happening on the LifePoint Church front?

  • We had the MWamba Children’s Choir in our services over the weekend. This choir is from Uganda. They did a great job, and it was an opportunity to highlight our emphasis in global poverty HIV/AIDS.
  • Many great conversations in the lobby and hallways of LifePoint. People are going through some rough patches in life right now. Had an opportunity to pray with a mom who’s ten-year old has been diagnosed with a rapidly growing tumor in his face. Another guy I talked with is going through a bout of depression. Good times of encouragement and prayer.
  • We celebrated communion over the weekend as well. These are powerful times in the life of our body.
  • Joe’s teaching this weekend was on communion. I love his view (biblical) when it comes to this important part of church life.

Hope your times at church were refreshing and challenging this weekend. Have a great week.




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